(UPDATE: OMAD) Weight Plateau – Introducing Intermittent Fasting into the mix


UPDATE: While researching IF, I learned of the OMAD (one meal a day) plan. Instead of doing 16/8, I’ll be doing OMAD. So simple and I only have to deal with planning one meal a day! This sound wonderful to me, because I feel like my entire day revolves around eating – packing the food, hauling the food to work, eating every few hours, etc. So now, one meal and I’m done. The meal will be in the evening, so I can eat with my husband (and have a little booze on the weekends). I started OMAD today. More updates to come.

A brief recap of my weight loss. So far, with exercise, cutting back on booze, and eating lots of vegetables, I’ve lost 13 pounds. And I’ve hit a plateau. My goal is to lose around nine more pounds, then my goal may change to lose more. To get me through this plateau, I’ve decided to start IF (intermittent fasting).

If you’ve never heard of IF, it’s basically only eating during a set time window during the day. There are many ways to do IF (20 hr fast/4 hr feed, fast 1-2 days/week, etc. – find more details here http://www.leangains.com/2008/06/brief-primer-on-popular-approaches-to.html). I’ve decided to try the 16 hr fast/8 hr feed protocol, which the IF people refer to as the Leangains approach. So, I basically will be eating from 8:30am to 4:30 pm. Then fasting for 16 hours. I won’t be adhering to the Leangains recommended nutrition or exercise.  My goal is simply to not eat at night so my body will burn the calories I consume during the day. This will also allow some relaxation time at night, instead of cooking and eating dinner.

In addition to doing IF, I’m also cutting out wheat and dairy. Lately, I’ve felt like I have a cold or allergies after eating anything containing wheat or dairy. I did a little research and I may have a “sensitivity”. So I’m cutting them both out (except for one cheat meal a week) and we’ll see what happens.

My interest in health was reignited when my husband and I went on a cruise in March. For 11 days we watched a lot of overweight, unhealthy people eat and drink everything in sight, all day every day. It was shocking to see what and how much people eat. There were plenty of healthy selections on the boat, but we didn’t see a lot of people choosing them. People our age (40s) looked old enough to be our parents and were having trouble walking and breathing. It freaked us out so much that we started looking at our diets and health habits even more closely and made some changes.

So, IF and no wheat or dairy – this is happening. Hopefully this plateau will be broken and I can report some kick-ass results soon.


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  1. Coach Hami says:

    I’m a huge fan of IF, there isn’t one client that I don’t try to implement this in their diet. My best tip for you is to consume some fruit or to drink black coffee in your fast if your hunger gets unbearable. How long have you plateaued?


    1. PamMetz says:

      Hi. Thanks for the tip. It’s been about a month. Hopefully trying something new will kick it back into gear.


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