Fitness goal – 12 pounds down!

Earlier this year I set a fitness goal to lose 20 pounds. 2017 is only a few weeks, so I probably won’t reach the 20 pounds by then. So far I have lost 12 pounds and it’s really only been in the last 10 weeks. How did I do it? A few things have helped. I’ve been riding my bike to work every day (about 14 miles round trip) and also doing a HIIT workout twice a week for about 40 minutes. But the one thing that has quickly moved the scale numbers down is the thing I really hate doing.

Stupid running.

I loathe stupid running more than any other exercise. Hate it. So why do it? One day on Instagram I came across a photo of one of my former yoga teachers. She was about 50 pounds heavier when I did yoga with her, but now she looks slim and trim. What was she doing in the photo? Finishing a goddamn 10K. I thought about it and decided if she can drop that amount of weight, maybe stupid running would help me drop the last 20 pounds. So to the internets I went!

I Googled “couch to 10K” and found a 12-week program that only requires me to run three times a week. You can find it here. My husband even got into it and does the weekend run with me (I do the other runs during my lunch at work) – the longest run of the week. I just finished week 11, so the 10K is next week. My plan after that is to run a 5K (3.1 miles) three times a week to keep my fitness and weight loss going. We may even do a half marathon training. Who knows? What I do know is that even though I detest the very thought of it, stupid running is the answer to achieving my fitness goal.


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