First Cruise = Happiness


This past June I took my first cruise with two girlfriends. I was very anxious about it because I am terrified of the ocean. However, I sucked it up, booked the cruise, jumped on the plane and did it. We booked a six-day Carnival cruise with stops in Nassau, Half Moon Cay (private island owned by Carnival), and the Grand Turks. The boat was nice, the food was good, the ports were great (especially Half Moon Cay – look at that water!), and we had a rad time. Most of the time, to my surprise, I couldn’t feel the boat moving. The only time I felt it was in bed at night, but even then it was a gentle rocking. We had a bit of rain and wind on the way back to Ft. Lauderdale, and I definitely felt the boat move then, but not enough to become sea sick or freaked out. I enjoyed it so much that my husband and I just booked a cruise in 2017 (Holland America – 11 days and we go to South America).

I had a goal – swim in the ocean. Goal achieved! Not a big deal to most people, but again, I’m terrified of the things in the ocean and the water itself. When we vacation in Mexico, my husband goes into the Caribbean over his head and splashes around. I never go in above my knees. But at Half Moon Cay the water…it’s like being in a pool. You can see everything and it’s so calm. I actually swam in the ocean way over my head!  I also did the same thing in the Turks. The fish are very curious and not afraid. A huge fish (looked like a grouper) almost gave me a heart attack. But other than that, it was a wonderful experience.

Fitness update: The cruise definitely put a halt on any weight loss (and I gained a few pounds thanks to my friends beer and tequila). However, I have lost a few inches (weightlifting and biking to work). This week I started eating low carb/high fat. Let’s see how that works out.


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