Happiness is Yoga!


I have had a love/hate relationship with yoga since I was young. I practiced at home, but it wasn’t until I was in my early 40s that I became a regular at CorePower Yoga. I attended every type of class they offered anywhere from 6-10 times a week. I completed every challenge and had my “reserved spot” in every class along with my yoga crew. After two years of keeping that schedule, I started to become angry in class. That’s when I knew it was time to cancel my membership and take a long break. My entire life changed around that time (I had lost a lot of weight over those two years, met/moved in with my boyfriend/now husband, changed jobs, and unfriended my bff of over 20 years – long fucking story).

Now I feel the call of yoga again. So I have signed up for yoga teacher training. I’m doing it online with Aura Wellness Center and I am very excited! I’m learning more and more every day and even taught my first class (just me and my husband) this past weekend. Welcome back, Yoga!

Me at Yoga on the Rocks (at Red Rocks Amphitheatre)13696692_1825381681025091_1149644192_n(1)


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