2016 Goal – Lose 20 Pounds

This weekend my husband challenged himself to draw something every day in his sketch pad. Today a friend told me she is going to run 500 miles this year and is about half way to her goal. I’m not usually a goal setter, but after hearing theirs I’d like something to work toward for the rest of 2016. Why not my physical fitness?

I’m currently a size 8, but I’d like to be a size 4. I think losing 20 pounds should do it (if not I’ll revise). So starting today I will be exercising more and upping my diet game (as close to vegan as possible – veganish??) to make this goal a reality.

This week I will start a beginner’s weight lifting program (upper/lower body), nothing crazy, and beginning on Wednesday (it’s rainy and cold for the next two days), I will ride my bike to work (13-mile round trip daily). I will share what I’m doing and my results here each month. Yay Fitness!!


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